services for music releases
Before moving on to the distribution stage, all the material that will be used to promote a phonographic project must be prepared in advance. A music release requires constantly creating content that engages and excites your audience, visually and conceptually coherent, and has the potential to become consumer material for future fans.
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Now that you are on the way to distributing your music, you will need a cover that stands out and unifies the aesthetics of your release.

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promo content

Once you have defined your release date, you will need to create expectation so that your audience connects with your music.

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A true fan will want to learn the lyrics of your songs as soon as possible, we create animated and eye-catching video lyrics to connect.

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If you're not ready to release a video clip yet, give your fans a visualizer that enhances the aesthetics of your release and engages your audience.

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We make animated and filmed audiovisual productions, highlight your singles with all the creativity that our team has to offer.

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Merchandising design

Your true fans are going to need to buy merchandise that reflects what your music means to them. We design products with the aim of loyalty.

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documental content

Documentary content will allow both your audience and the press to connect with what you have to say in your next release.